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Along the Tel Aviv Beach

Pristine cerulean waters contrast a modern skyline: locals, as well as tourists, dot the sandy beaches. Its Mediterranean location has made the Tel Aviv beach a hugely popular tourist destination. With its wide offering of amusements and bustling nightlife, there is much about the city to explore. Learn more about the city where the Mikes Place movie is set.

The Mikes Place Movie

The bar at the center of the film is representative of the Tel Aviv lifestyle, and an overwhelming sense of camaraderie is present. Set across from the Tel Aviv beach, Mike's Place opens its doors to a diverse crowd. Here, foreigners and locals convene. The atmosphere is especially western, and the bar's owner encourages the use of English. Familiar foods like quesadillas and pizza are served with a cold beer.

"Blues by the Beach", the Mike’s Place movie, focuses on the bar scene: how people leave their differences at the door, in spite of conflict. While the documentary's objective changed with the attack on the bar in 2003, the spirit of the bar managed to carry on. Today, patrons are given even more reason to celebrate their freedoms, and to come together to enjoy a good time.

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