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Jack Baxter & Fran Strauss-Baxter present
a Joshua Faudem film

Fate brings filmmakers together in Israel in April of 2003.

They begin a documentary about a live music blues bar by the beach in Tel Aviv called Mike’s Place.

The aim is to show there is more to the Middle East than seemingly endless war and terrorism.

Filming people having a good time stops abruptly when harsh reality hits Mike’s Place and changes the course of their film...

“This is a very, very important film. It ranks along with ONE DAY IN SEPTEMBER as an actual, undeniable presentation of the unmitigated horror of terrorism. Terrorism is the directed, purposeful taking of innocent life for supposedly political purposes. Innocent life is innocent life – at the World Trade Center or in Tel Aviv – its extinction is an act of bestiality. To which fact this film bluntly and incontestably testifies.” David Mamet


Joshua Faudem


Matous Outrata

Assistant Director

Pavla Fleischer


Jack Baxter

Fran Strauss-Baxter


Susan Crimp

Monika W. Chapman

Associate Producer

Cindy Lou Adkins

Music Composers

Christina Kaufman

Jeremiah Kaufman

Mike's Place Live Music


Barry Gilbert


Joshua Faudem

Pavla Fleischer

Avi Levy

Bettina Finestein

Jack Baxter

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