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Free Trailer
Free Trailer
Official Selection - Newport Beach Internationsl Film Festival
WINNER - Red Wagon Award
WINNER - Best Documentary
WINNER - Conflict & Resoluton
Official Selection - Sarosta Internationsl Film Festival

Join producers Jack Baxter and Fran Strauss-Baxter and director Joshua Faudem for an eye opening experience at Mike's Place blues bar on the Tel Aviv Beach. You will see Mike's Place in Tel Aviv during its greatest celebrations and its most challenging hardships. “Blues By The Beach” presents a story of understanding among people from all walks of life, in the face of the Middle East Conflict.

You are invited to view the free trailer of BLUES BY THE BEACH and to check out our newspaper and magazine articles for more information.

BLUES BY THE BEACH can be purchased on a DVD 2 disc set: The complete film disc and an EXTRAS disc containing 60 minutes of never before seen raw footage and interview with Jack Baxter is available online:

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2 Disc Set

BLUES BY THE BEACH can also be downloaded:
•  EZTakes (click here to purchase)

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